A Life Skill

Ƶ College has a proud tradition in Debating and Public Speaking and aims to develop articulate, passionate and inspired speakers who use their voice for good in the world.

Ƶ participates in the Catholic Schools Debating Association Public Speaking Competition, a highly competitive event that encourages excellence in oratory skills. Over the last two years, three of our students have placed in the top four of the competition.

Debating is a growing and enthusiastic community with the amount of students involved in the Catholic Schools Debating Competition doubling over the past four years. Debating is a valuable, critical thinking skill that inspires students to think about the world around them and their capacity to make a change.

Prospective students should definitely consider becoming involved in Oratory at Ƶ College as it has a significant effect on their confidence, public speaking and critical thinking skills that in turn, positively affects their academic work.

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